Portable Interactive Whiteboard

for School or Home

EduBox portable mobile interactive white
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Compatible with most
operating systems. 
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This is the most versatile portable and easy to use interactive whiteboard available

The EduBoard EduBox is our own proudly South African design.

The EduBox Interactive Whiteboard is suitable for:

  • Rural schools

  • Schools with low budgets who may need to share technology

  • Schools with theft risks

  • Schools with large class sizes

  • Teachers who teach in different venues

  • Special needs schools

Below is a great demo video animation:

The EduBox Interactive Whiteboard:

  • Is fully portable and can also be permanently installed if required

  • Is a fully functional interactive whiteboard

  • Includes speakers

  • Works on ANY normal whiteboard or Write-On converted chalkboard

  • Is super light and compact (5,3kg)

  • Is so easy to use and setup

  • Is extremely cost effective

Requires No Installation:

  • Includes a comfortable shoulder carry-bag with laptop pouch

  • Can include the Oktopus teacher, student or Blend Suite

  • Can include SmartClass student Android or Windows Classroom Management Software

Transport Your

Interactive Classroom

Bring lessons to life and enrich student engagement with the Edubox Portable Interactive Whiteboard system. The EduBox is a cost-effective and versatile interactive whiteboard solution. Extremely portable and lightweight, it weighs a mere 5kg, with a set-up time of only 3 minutes. 


The ‘box’ houses a powerful data projector with quality built-in audio and an interactive device which enables you to control your computer’s interface from the whiteboard using the e-pen to annotate and draw across all applications, media resources and lesson material. The EduBox offers a new way to approach your teaching process, while being  discreet, efficient and simple to operate. 

EduBox Portable Interactive Projector

The EduBox can project onto virtually any smooth white surface, wall or whiteboard, and a range of whiteboard solutions may be ordered with the unit. These include both mobile and wall mounted boards in a variety of sizes, finished with either gloss or matte material. Dual-purpose matte whiteboard material is ideal for projection and e-pen annotating as well as for dry marker use, making it an extremely cost-effective whiteboard option. 

Various optional add-ons are available to empower lesson delivery and enhance classroom facilitation further. These include student response systems and professional teaching software suites with options for mobile device integration and management. 

The EduBoard EduBox includes

  • ALL in ONE light weight portable EduBox interactive whiteboard

  • Full EduBoard Oktopus software pack, teacher perpetual license (No extra licensing fees) + 3 year licensing for up to 40 students in a class for tablet collaboration, quad games, student polling/ assessment. Plus full teacher and student access to blend learning portal of 10 000 lessons grades R to 10.

  • Includes digital CAPS DBE workbooks for use on the IWB.

  • FOUNDATION phase Bonus - free Digital graded readers in all African Languages (140 titles)

  • All you need is your own laptop and a whiteboard or smooth white wall to project on to.

Blend Interactive student tablet collabo

Tenacious Technical Ingenuity

The sleek and minimal façade of the EduBox humbly cloaks the exceptional technology within - a high quality data projector paired with intuitive Optical Position Detection Technology, enabling the device to detect infrared signals  sent from the e-pen. With a  bright, high quality lamp and a crisp contrast ratio, the data projector casts crystal clear images with ease, while superb colour fidelity is guaranteed using DLP®, BrilliantColor™ and Dynamic Eco+ technology. The projector provides plenty of features to save on costs and energy consumption, with an incredibly long lamp life of up to 10 000 hours. The unit also incorporates built-in audio and full 3D technology, making it essential not only as a conduit for delivering digital lessons but also as a fully-featured media hub. 

  • Bright projection from 3600 ANSI Lumens; 15,000:1 contrast ratio

  • Low ownership costs - up to 10 000 hours² lamp life

  • Projector available in SVGA, XGA and WXGA options

  • Excellent audio support with built-in speakers

  • Full 3D display using the DLP technology allows for projecting true 3D content from any 3D display device

  • Simple plug ‘n play with HDMI and VGA connectivity

  • Supports interactivity on both hard and soft screens of any size up to 150”

  • Battery operated e-pen Stylus.

  • Smooth drawing within 1 pixels jitter at 1024x768

  • Superior resistance to ambient lighting


Pointing and writing tool to control and navigate your interactive whiteboard. The e-pen Stylus is the perfect workhorse for energetic annotating and drawing. 

  • Pressure sensitive pen tip - equivalent to left mouse button, hold down for right mouse button.

  • 1 control button - Supports left & right mouse functions, hold down for right mouse button.

  • Battery operated, provided up to 50 hours of continuous use.

EduBox Portable Interactive Whiteboard Brochure: