EduBoard is a South African Brand which was established in 2008 by entrepreneurs Derek Underwood and Gaylin Underwood as an education-specific technology solution under the banner of Khaizen International. Khaizen International’s philosophy of “constant improvement” helped the EduBoard solution to evolve into one of the most comprehensive interactive classroom solutions in South Africa. This has been achieved by the relentless search to keep up to date with the advances in hardware and software technology, but at the same time keep a balance. The balance between cost, functionality, classroom needs and CAPEX has always been EduBoard's focus. This has enabled EduBoard to implement interactive whiteboard solutions into thousands of classrooms across Southern Africa.  The brand has grown from simply interactive whiteboards to the turnkey supply, installation and distribution of blended, scalable interactive whiteboards, teaching software and tablet integration solutions for education departments, schools, colleges and universities.

Company History
What We Do

Our focus is on the interactive classroom, this is our specialty. The interactive classroom includes both hardware and software. Our solution has been designed to be modular, so that both individual schools and whole school districts can roll out in phases. This facilitates not just budgets, but the practical transition for teachers and learners to a more digital teaching and learning environment. As the interactive classroom has expanded to include tablets, so too has the EduBoard solution which now offers classroom and mobile device management options.

Products & Services


The EduBoard hardware and software solution is a comprehensive world-class offering which is very cost-effective, easy to use modular that needs very little maintenance. It offers better value than many other solutions which means more teachers and students can have access to quality digital classrooms. 


All EduBoard products are researched and developed to the highest international standards. EduBoard does extensive R & D before any product is released into the market. Products have to be easy to use and have a very low failure rate. All software must add significant value to the teaching and learning environment. In addition, EduBoard offers excellent product warranties which are efficiently implemented.