Evolving Education.

Let EduBoard help you turn your school into the future of education

EduBoard is a leading and proudly South African Educational technology brand. The EduBoard solution includes classroom interactive whiteboard and interactive LED touch display Panel hardware and multiple software options. The EduBoard software suites are suitable for all modern digital integrated teaching and learning. These solutions are fully supportive of both face to face and blended learning environments, online and offline.

The EduBoard interactive teaching software includes offerings of comprehensive subject tools, interactive 3D resources, a learner management solution (LMS), virtual interactive Science, Physics, Chemistry laboratories, Biology, Geography, Maths, History, literacy/ reading apps,  as well as interactive textbook and extensive resource solutions.

Thousands of classrooms across Southern Africa use EduBoard as their preferred choice of “interactive whiteboard” technology. Interactive whiteboards are not what they used to be, while EduBoard still supports and offers the projector based interactive whiteboard systems like the EduMax Pro, Education around the World is moving to the next generation of technology, interactive LED display panels. This modern technology offers extensive advantages over projector based systems. These include higher  functionality, digital integration, software, and far longer life span, an investment in both educational outcomes and in capital employed.

Technology holds the key

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We believe that our technology holds the key to helping shape many young lives into 21st century knowledge seekers by developing solutions that bring a portal to the world, directly into the classroom. (We turn old chalkboards into fully functional interactive whiteboards). This, coupled with engaging training sessions from our motivated and passionate training division, as well as quality installations and maintenance from our highly experienced technical teams, we have all your needs covered – and all done with a smile! 😊.

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