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Evolving Education.

Evolving Education.

Let EduBoard help you turn your school into the future of education


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EduBoard is a leading classroom technology specialist company that has been offering the best solutions for Southern African schools for the past 13 years

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Our Story


When we started EduBoard in 2008, we were not the first in our field, there were already fully imported interactive whiteboard Brands in South Africa, however their prices did not match the financial needs of our South African schools. We saw a need to develop our own interactive whiteboard brand that allowed for less-privileged schools to be able to afford a solution that incorporated innovative emerging technology and newly developed teaching software. EduBoard is a South African brand of interactive whiteboard solutions that has been continuously designing, developing and improving our interactive equipment for the classroom for the past 13 years. Gaylin and Derek Underwood, co-founders of EduBoard, saw a need for a new way of teaching and learning that incorporated technology to improve the education system in South Africa. With their energy and commitment they were able to build EduBoard into what it is today: a national company that services and supports schools, resellers, education departments and service providers throughout Southern Africa. We have collaborative partnerships with EdTech Companies from more than 15 Countries Worldwide. To date, we have over 1000 school clients on our books. We are also very proud of our dedicated team of passionate and knowledgeable staff that have our clients' best interests at heart. We believe that out technology holds the key to helping shape many young lives into the 21st century by developing solutions that bring a portal to the world, directly into the classroom. We have evolved along with technology to continue to offer the best possible solutions for schools and businesses in Southern Africa.  


Gaylin Underwood, Co-founder & Director

Our Aim is for every teacher in South Africa to have an EduBoard that is seamless and easy to navigate and offers excellent life span, value, and functionality. There has never been a better time to invest in an interactive classroom solution from EduBoard. We are passionate and committed to supporting education and would love to engage with you.   

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Derek Underwood, Co-founder & Managing Director

In our quest to offer superb quality and value, we have been relentless with our research and development as well as built partnerships with ed-tech companies from all over the world and are always focused on evolving with the change in technology. For us its very important that both the teachers and students get maximum benefit from these technologies.

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Bianca Malgas, Sales and Training Consultant

Changing from our "normal" chalk and talk way of teaching to integrating interactive technology in classrooms is not an easy venture but we have always strived to making this process as seamless and fun as possible! By taking your standard classrooms and converting them into collaborative and innovative learning spaces - allowing our Southern African teachers to create new ways of teaching, engaging on a whole different level and inspiring our future leaders to be the best that they can be.

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