Interactive touch LED

Display Panels

Interactive whiteboards, teaching software, textbook integration, LMS, virtual classrooms, CMS, MDM and 3D resources

Sizes and Range

65" EduTouch Elite

75" EduTouch Elite

86" EduTouch Elite

65" EduTouch Elite Pro

75" EduTouch Elite Pro

86" EduTouch Elite Pro

EduBoard is South African Brand of LED interactive touch displays and classroom solutions perfectly suited for modern teaching and learning.


The EduBoard interactive classroom has been developed to manage both offline and online teaching. All Elite interactive solutions include incredible teaching software and tablet collaboration licencing. The Elite Pro includes additional options like specialised educational specific multimedia 3D resources library, classroom management (CMS), mobile device management (MDM) and our latest Learner Management Solution (LMS) for dynamic blended and virtual classrooms.


No matter how small or how big your project is, EduBoard has a solution to fit your needs. We offer standard 3-year warranties, technical support and training and an extensive network of authorised EduBoard resellers/ agents throughout South Africa.

What About Professional Teaching Software?

INCLUDED with every EduBoard solution is professional teaching software with a teacher perpetual license (no licensing fee) PLUS a 3 year licensing for up to 40 students in a class for tablet collaboration, quad games, student polling/assessment. The professional teaching software also has full access to the teacher and student Blend Portal with invaluable teaching resources and

10 000 lessons for grades R to 10.

Extra teaching software included:

  • Normal whiteboard writing function

  • Note & annotation features

  • Student device sharing features

  • Teacher visualiser software (used from mobile phone)

  • LED panel remote control (used from mobile phone)

If you have specific teaching software requirements, please

let us know and we will consult with you to give your

school what it needs.

EduBoard Interactive Classroom  Solutions:

EduTouch LED Panel

Interactive LED touch panel for education.


Convert your existing regular projectors into a fully interactive whiteboard.

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