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For the past 11 years we at EduBoard have dedicated ourselves to building interactive whiteboard solutions for schools in South Africa. During this time, technology has time-warped into the 4th Industrial Revolution and we've had to adapt to accommodate the challenges that South Africa has in bridging an ever-widening digital divide. Our unique education system and its diverse challenges have helped us to create innovative interactive whiteboards and LED touch panels that rival the best brands in the world, but at a return on investment that is unrivaled in South Africa.

EduBoard assists right from the beginning with a consultation to discuss your school's needs. We are able to tailor a solution package customised for your classroom. We install the solution and provide training on request. Thereafter, we have a dedicated technical team to help with any difficulties encountered. We are with you every step of the way. 

"Accommodate Any School's Needs"

"Number 1 Interactive Whiteboard Solution"

Our innovation and creating for covering schools needs is evident in our latest EduBoard release, the 65" EduTouch LED interactive panel for education. Many schools in South Africa have limited or no internet access for teachers. In developing the EduTouch, we had to make sure that teachers working in an offline or an online environment can get maximum functionality and achieve a teaching and learning experience that will rival the best first-world classrooms and teaching methodologies. We know that improving education will make the highest social impact to our country and we aim for your investment to be an impact investment that helps your school grow ino the 4th Industrial Revolution with our teaching and learning solution for many years to come.

EduBoard Interactive Classroom Solutions:

Interactive LED touch panel for education.

EduTouch LED Panel

EduBox (Portable)

Portable interactive whiteboard.


Convert your existing regular projectors into a fully interactive whiteboard.

Ultra short_throw interactive



What About Professional Teaching Software?

INCLUDED with every EduBoard solution is professional teaching software with a teacher perpetual license (no licensing fee) PLUS a 3 year licensing for up to 40 students in a class for tablet collaboration, quad games, student polling/assessment. The professional teaching software also has full access to the teacher and student Blend Portal with invaluable teaching resources and

10 000 lessons for grades R to 10. 

Extra teaching software included:

  • Normal whiteboard writing function

  • Note & annotation features

  • Student device sharing features

  • Teacher visualiser software (used from mobile phone)

  • LED panel remote control (used from mobile phone)

If you have specific teaching software requirements, please

let us know and we will consult with you to give your

school what it needs.

More Educational Products from EduBoard:

Speaker Bar




Whiteboards & Chalkboards

​EduBoard offers an extensive range of whiteboards, chalkboards, glassboards, pin boards, felt boards, cork boards and low reflective matte whiteboards in various sizes, directly to schools. We deliver nationwide.

  • Chalkboards - magnetic or non-magnetic with deluxe aluminium frames 

  • Whiteboards - magnetic or non-magnetic with deluxe aluminium frames

  • Felt pin-boards - large colour selection

  • Carpet pin-boards - large colour selection

  • Pull-down screens from 1,5m

  • Motorised screens from small to large 7m plus

  • Speciality boards, cabinet with glass, glass boards, lined boards

  • SPECIAL PRODUCT - Write-On resurfacing material for old chalkboards or whiteboards. 

  • a) Matte - Low reflective, dual-purpose whiteboard resurfacing material suitable for data projectors and drymarkers.* (clean and care with a microfibre cloth and water)

  • b) Gloss - Ideal to resurface your old worn out whiteboards/chalkboards or create a whiteboard surface on any smooth surface.

Write-On Resurfacing Material

Save thousands on resurfacing your old chalkboards and whiteboards with Write-On resurfacing material. Don't replace your boards, rather resurface them. Find out more here. 

EduBoard Blog:

EduBoard is really passionate about education solutions specific to the condition of each individual school. Keep up to date with us and what we have to say. Click the button below to be directed to our dedicated blog page.

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