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Interactive Whiteboard Software & Tablet Collaboration

These software solutions represent the best in the world. Designed to enhance learning and teaching using interactive whiteboards, student device integration, blended classrooms, flipped classrooms and LAN together with optional student tablets collaboration and teacher management, student assessments and paperless exams.


Optimised for remote learning and home schooling, these teaching tool solutions are designed to grow with you as we face challenges when it comes to teaching, designed to integrate with devices you already might have. Instant reporting allows teachers to easily assess students and save on massive administrative workloads. Site licensing is available for easy IT management and enormous cost savings both short term and long term. The software's include media rich libraries and 10 000 pre-built lessons* that make these packages superb long term solutions for any situation and teacher. Don'worry, you can still use your own resources with importing options to convert existing interactive whiteboard lessons into these software platforms, no need to lose libraries of lessons already created. These are impact software solutions designed for 21st century teaching and learning.

EduBoard is a premium partner - the best interactive remote teaching software available in the world! Contact us about free trial licensing exclusive to South Africa, directly from EduBoard. Students can play with 3D scenes and games for subject-specific content:

  • 1200 stunning educational 3D learning resources to keep learning fun

  • Dynamic illustration & drawing tools

  • 110 educational games & tools

  • Extensive educational video library

  • Subject specific 3D catalog text book resources


A fully functional interactive whiteboard software with extended teaching and learning features for student tablet integration.


Also includes powerful assessment features utilising students tablets.

OKTOPUS is the only locally installed solution in the world that offers 70+ subject specific tools for teaching, 8 polling questions & tablet collaboration over a local network.      

tablet classroom management and collabor

This powerful software is one of the most comprehensive and feature-packed classroom tablet management software available in the world.


Smartclass allows the teacher to fully monitor and control applications on student devices and tablets. 


Plus it allows one to collaborate from the interactive whiteboard and has powerful assessment features.

The best interactive remote teaching software - Mozaik

EduBoard offers MozaWeb which is an at home digital learning tool for remote teaching and home schooling. We currently have free trial licenses for students, parents and teachers who want to test the best interactive remote teaching software available in the world! These trial licenses are a special EduBoard offering, exclusive to South Africa. Please contact us for pricing in ZAR and not EUR as indicated on the international website. 

If you are a parent at home, or a teacher at home managing your students - Mozaik can really enrich your lesson and capture and KEEP students attention with the content-rich resources provided by Mozaik. Using this interactive remote learning and teaching software, teachers and students can create presentations and enrich them with interactive 3D scenes, educational videos, images or exercises from the Moza media library or with your own files which can be seamlessly imported and integrated with the software - use your trusted resources WITH the software for a more enriched lesson delivery. The software not only includes a variety of teaching resources it also includes thematic applications, games and 3D scenes covering all Gr1-12 subjects, which is guaranteed to raise students' interest and help them better understand topics. 

Contact us at: for your free trial licenses key for Southern Africa or to request a demo via Zoom conferencing.

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