Radix SmartClass, an award winning classroom management software and interactive school solutions, are optimised for Android, Windows and iOS devices. Radix SmartClass enables teachers to effectively manage class activities, enrich the learning experience and keep a finger on the classroom pulse. Radix SmartClass transforms student tablets into a rich 21st century learning environment. Students easily connect their tablets to the classroom Wi-Fi network, while the teacher stays in control using his/her own tablet.

Radix SmartClass

With SmartClass, students can easily connect their devices to the classroom Wi-Fi network. Teachers can see real-time screen activity and anything on screen can be monitored and shared. The teacher can not only see all the students screens in real time, but can choose any screen to remotely control it or even share it with the other students. Kiosk mode policies can also be applied which will only allow students access to applicable apps on their screens. All these features and more can be controlled from either the teachers IWB or tablet.


Extend your monitoring and support capabilities to manage nomadic students and their mobile devices wherever they're working - on your school Wi-Fi or on-the-go. Radix MDM is a cloud-ready global management interface for network wide visibility and control. The system enables IT administrators, support engineers and educators to centrally control thousands of PC's, laptops and devices wherever they are.