Make education exciting with the ROQED Apps

Provide an immersive environment to fascinate learning physics, chemistry, biology, industrial engineering, mining, machinery, medicine, and health care.
There are a set of various applications that contain 3D models and scenes available in more than 21 languages. The main applications that we offer are Roqed Science, Roqed Physics, and Pathology Lab.


The ROQED Science is a computer program that transforms a regular classroom into a virtual laboratory where middle and high school students are able to simulate and conduct educational demonstrations in natural science subjects. ROQED Science is a comprehensive package of detailed interactive experiences for learning and exploring hundreds of detailed and fully dissectible 3D models for biology, chemistry, physics and earth science.



Biology models & courses


Physics models & courses


Chemistry models & courses


Geography models & courses

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Virtual experimental Physics laboratory.
ROQED Physics covers K-12 education in physics program and contains experiments in kinematics, dynamics, molecular physics, electric circuits, magnetism and optics sections.

A virtual experimental laboratory for each student and the whole class.

A complete set of tools and instruments are necessary for each experiment.

Design studio – to create a unique virtual experiment.

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An extensive base of experiments covering the entire school physics course.

Correct simulation of physical processes: gravity, combustion, evaporation, friction, etc.

Photorealistic graphics and animation.

ROQED Physics corresponds to all chapters of middle and high school physics and contains 31 pre-installed labs that cover the following physics sections:

  • Thermodynamics and molecular physics

  • Electric circuits

  • Electricity and magnetism

  • Waves and optics

  • Kinematics

  • Dynamics

  • Statics

  • Hydrostatics and pressure

​ROQED Physics is an absolutely safe environment for even the most hazardous experiments.