Mozaik - educational presentation software for interactive boards

In the classroom and at home teachers can create their own presentations or turn their texbook files into interactive digital textbooks with just a few clicks. Digital books and presentations can be enriched with images, drawings and interactive 3D scenes as well as custom worksheets created with the built-in test editor in mozaBook. More than 100 thematic applications provide a unique way of reviewing and deepening acquired knowledge. Mozaik can work on any interactive device or computer, however, it is best used with our EduTouch LED interactive touch panel. We have a number of 65" LED panels in stock which can be arranged for delivery in emergency or crucial circumstances. 

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The mozaLearn system is an integrated cloud-based education system. It includes mozaBook, a multiple award-winning teacher software optimised for interactive displays and projectors to support in-class teaching; and mozaWeb which provides full access to the interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos) and the educational applications through a browser in a web-based environment without installing any additional software. 


The mozaLearn system offers digital solutions for teachers, students, school administrators, textbook publishers and ministries. Users can access Mozaik's continually expanding educational content library, including more than 1200 interactive 3D scenes, 1000+ videos, and thousands of other audio and visual content. The system also includes interactive educational tools (apps) and games. Mozaik has solutions for all Grade R - 12 subjects. 

Licensing: mozainfo@eduboard.co.za

*Free trial license valid until June 2020

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mozaLearn is a professional, integrated digital education system developed to assist teachers' work according to their needs. The system is based on mozaBook, a software platform designed for interactive boards, which allows for the upload of the textbooks used in a particular country and their immediate conversion into interactive digital textbooks.

Besides digital text books, teachers are also provided with a modern tool system for interactive boards (3D scenes, videos, interactive educational tools and other digital content), designed to support and deepen students' understanding of the curriculum. With the help of mozaBook, teachers can arouse the interest of their students, enhance their motivation and increase participation in the classroom. 

Students can access the system on the internet (mozaWeb), so the educational content used in the classroom is also available for home use. By using mozaWeb, learning at home becomes more enjoyable and effective, which helps students to deepen their knowledge.

At home students can: 

  • access interactive exercise books

  • explore 3D content (scenes and videos)

  • experiment using educational tools

  • learn by gamification

  • solve homework assignments

  • access digital text books

  • use the content in a browser or via apps on a mobile device (Android/iOS)


Watch Mozaik Interactive Educational Software:

Top features:​

  • Create interactive publications from PDF files.

  • Use mozaBook on any type of interactive display.

  • Make animated presentations and exercises.

  • Share lessons with your community.

  • Use teaching resources you already have and create new ones.

mozaTools applications​:

mozaBook includes more than 110 interactive tools and games which serve as visual aids, assist in skill development and lets students perform experiments. The tools can be added to presentations or publications in mozaBook, and are also accessible to students via the mozaWeb online home learning platform. Mozaik is continually developing and adding new tools.


Illustration & drawing tools​:

Create spectacular animated presentations and enrich them with videos and 3D scenes. Mozaik's visual drawing tool has an intuitive user interface, which lets even the youngest students draw playfully as well as lets older learners to easily construct precise mathematical drawings with the help of built-in rulers, a protractor and compass.

Mozaik 3D scenes:

Enrich your presentations and publications imported into mozaBook in a unique way, using Mozaik's collection of more than 1200 3D scenes. Insert 3D scenes on the pages related to the topics in your publication. When you open them later on an interactive board in the classroom, they will provide students with an exciting, new perspective. Students can also explore the 3D scenes at home, through the mozaWeb online platform.

Students can even walk around the 3D scenes, just like in their favourite video games. Mozaik's 3D scenes also contain narration and interactive exercises to aid learning.


Built-in test editor:

Impressive customised worksheets are easy to

create with mozaBooks' Test Editor. Insert worksheets into

your publications or presentations and use them in the classroom.

Choose from several types of exercises (multiple choice, matching, crossword puzzles, 

ordering, charts, ect.). Insert pictures, drawings, videos and sounds into the worksheets from your presentations and imported publications, from mozBook's Media Library, from the Internet (YouTube, for example),or even from your own computer.

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