Classera has been implemented in 1000's of schools with millions of users worldwide. It was designed to drive student engagement and inspire positive behavior. During these times of uncertainty in the Corona Virus pandemic, converting your classroom to an online classroom has never been easier. Classera guarantees that even Grade 2's  will be able to use the Classera app and navigate the tools, whereas most other systems will be challenging even for technical specialists to figure out. Classera has 20 different roles for all user categories including Students, Guardians, Teachers, Section heads, Academic Supervisors, Student Advisors, Students’ Activities Supervisors, Accountants, School Principals, School Owners, Floor Supervisors, System Administrators, etc.




  • Classera score system- Gamification

  • Microsoft 365 integration

  • Classera digital library

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Analysis

  • Exams Real-Time Monitoring System

  • Students Advisory and Behavior Management

  • Classera Inspire Program

  • Smart Statistical System

  • Learning Outcomes map