EduBox: Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Portable Interactive Whiteboard
Portable Interactive Whiteboard

The best portable interactive whiteboard in South Africa - the EduBox. A proudly South Africa design for education.

EduBoard knows that improving education in South Africa will make the highest social impact in our country. This involves encouraging the youth to be independent and autonomous learners through innovating teaching that will prepare them with the skills and knowledge to properly navigate our world as it enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4ir) and the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) into our every day lives. Getting the youth ready for these new jobs and developing these skill sets is imperative to improving the economic status of our country.

For the passed 12 years, we at EduBoard have dedicated ourselves to building interactive whiteboard smart solutions unique for schools in South Africa. The spectrum of schools in our country run from fully independent schools to completely government funded schools. These government funded schools usually don't have the infrastructure and funds to have proper security systems to protect equipment or even have a dedicated classroom to mount the equipment. Venues could regularly change and the teacher might have to improvise for teaching material or resources.

Having a projector mounted to the wall is just not an option for some South African schools and with a high theft risks, keeping the interactive equipment at the school over night is too much of a liability. Our education system is unique in South Africa and not one interactive classroom solution will work across all schools. What works for one school, might not work for the other and interactive equipment suppliers have to really take the needs of the school into consideration when discussing what interactive panels or projectors and professional teaching software will work the best for each school, situation and classroom.

EduBoard have listened, and we have heard schools' concern and needs. With this information we have carefully and thoughtfully developed and interactive classroom solution for under-equipped schools. The EDUBOX - which is a fully functional and 100% portable mobile interactive whiteboard projector.