Ombea Audience Responce System

Our audience response system displays live feedback on peoples opinions and knowledge. It’s super-easy to use with your Microsoft PowerPoint slides for voting, engagement and assessment.

The OMBEA Audience Response System Explained in 149 Seconds

The OMBEA Audience Response System Explained in 149 Seconds

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How OMBEA Works

Ombea Audience Responce System Build Your Slides

Add OMBEA interactive slides to your presentation. Our software enables everything from simple questions to advanced group analysis.

1. Build your slides

Ombea Audience Responce System Poll Your Audience

2. Poll your audience

Start presenting. Your group answers your questions with our handsets or their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

2. Get results,

Examine reports

Share live results as you go. Use our reporting suite to inspect the detail from multiple angles.

Ombea Audience Responce System Get Results

OMBEA, smarter handsets for any group - huge or small

Your group responds using OMBEA ResponsePad™ or their

own tablets and smartphones via OMBEA ResponseApp™.

Ombea Respond with Smatphone or Tablet

Turn any internet device with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection into a response handset for each participant.

Respond with your

smartphone or tablet

Ombea Respond with our Radio-Frequency (RF) handset

Respond with our Radio-Frequency (RF) handset

Scalable for sessions all the way up to 2000 participants within a 100m range, while remaining robust and light.

OMBEA is easier to use

Interactivity is driven by OMBEA Response™ for Microsoft PowerPoint. Designed from the ground up to be the easiest audience response software you’ll ever use. Just add some interactive slides, collect responses and see the results instantly.

More powerful insights with OMBEA

"Our software may be easy to use but it still packs plenty of power."

Enjoy more flexibility outside PowerPoint, wider question possibilities, richer visual design, and deeper insights with our competition settings, demographics and advanced comparison toolkit.

Richer, deeper data with OMBEA

From casual reports to rich, detailed data. From individual performance to group results over time. OMBEA delivers it all in an instant - ready to view, share and act on.