Oktopus Interactive Teaching Tools

OKTOPUS is a collection of interactive teaching tools designed to enhance teaching and boost learning outcomes. Spread across multiple subject areas, with over 70 subject specific tools for teachers to choose from, OKTOPUS is designed to work live over the top of digital content or a web browser, whether it is on a PC, MAC or an interactive whiteboard. Using OKTOPUS makes any lesson truly interactive. Teachers quickly interweave offline and online content, collaborate during lessons, bring existing resources to life and involve everyone in the classroom. Teachers quickly interweave offline and online content, collaborate during lessons, bring existing resources to life and involve everyone in the classroom. 

Oktopus from QWIZDOM

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70+ Learning Tools with Oktopus

Oktopus Standard Tools
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14 drawing tools including pencil, highlighter, shapes, flashlight and line tool. Enter the media gallery and choose from over 100 images and animations. Tools to capture audio, video and static images plus an onscreen keyboard.  

Includes number tools, measurement tools, geometry, graphs and data & maths games. Everything from number lines, grids, fraction generator, two types of calculator, rulers, protractors and compasses, prisms, pyramids, nets, dice, bar-charts, function machine.     

Games such as Word & Sentence Builder, Text Tools, Word Roots, Word Search, Word Vault and Word Scramble.

Weather data, map tools, Google Map application, weather bug, weather symbols, and thermometer.

Study the elements with an interactive periodic table. Build molecular structures, create circuit diagrams and display data using the pyramid tool.

Pose questions to the class and get instant feedback from everyone in the room. Vote tools let users gauge levels of understanding, gives everyone a voice and adds excitement to every lesson.  

Collaborate with Oktopus

Extend your OKTOPUS lessons beyond the whiteboard. With its powerful collaborative functions, OKTOPUS allows you to simply create a lesson, start a presentation, and display your screen across multiple tablet devices in the classroom. Using the Qwizdom Notes+ app, your students can interact by submitting answers, taking notes and sharing annotations.

Oktopus Collaborate

Assessment and Instant Feedback with Oktopus

Instant grading and printable reports allow teachers to efficiently gauge student progress. OKTOPUS can collect valuable feedback from mobile devices and existing Qwizdom response hardware. Generate individual or class reports instantly for performance summaries allowing one to monitor and track student progress and understanding across topics, modules or entire subjects. With student understanding assessed on the fly or post-lesson, instructors are able to adapt teaching as needed, reaching more individuals and maximizing learning. Generated reports can be exported to Flash, CSV, Excel or PDF formats.   

Oktopus Instant Feedback

Gather rich, tangeble data in an instant, with easy-to-use polling options offered by OKTOPUS

Oktopus Blend

An Upgrade for OKTOPUS Software.

Oktopus Blend is the ultimate blended learning solution. Users can organize, present or assign pre-made assements, collaborate with students and record learning every step of the way. Upgrade your OKTOPUS software with Blend to include grade-level math, reading and science courses for use in the classroom or at home. Author your own lessons for students to access at anytime. Instantly grade and store results in the cloud.

A Complete Blended Learning Solution with Math, Reading & Science Packages

OKTOPUS Blend comes packaged with premade lessons and assessments that can be used for collaborative, instructor-led sessions, as well as assigned to students for anytime access. Supplement your current blended learning materials with math, reading and science courses, proven to enhance learning, engage students and assess understanding.

Oktopus Blend

Oktopus Content

K-10 math, reading and science courses are designed by teachers for teachers. Each grade-level package includes a pre-test, to assess understanding and help create targeted instruction, short, focused lessons with assessments and a post-test to record and document comprehension.

Oktopus Classroom

Download and play content in the classroom using OKTOPUS software with the Qwizdom Notes+ collaboration app. Use OKTOPUS’s annotation tools to illustrate concepts. Students follow along on their personal devices, taking notes, answering questions and sharing annotation over the live session. Students can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store for free. A classroom license is included with purchase.

Oktopus At Home

At Home
Schedule premade lessons & assessments for self-paced learning at home. Record OKTOPUS lessons for at home viewing. Assign content to individuals or groups. Instantly score assignments and tests.

Oktopus Organize

Create, manage and store all course materials in one central location. OKTOPUS Blend gives you the ability to author courses by allowing you to import SMART, Promethean and OKTOPUS lessons, add YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and other web documents.  Drag and drop features allow you to quickly find, organise and access materials.

Oktopus Reporting

Robust reporting lets you compare results across multiple sessions. Results are stored in the cloud, allowing teachers and administrators to easily track student performance daily, weekly and yearly. Reports are available in multiple formats, making it easy to identify areas of focus.

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