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A REAL walking, dancing, programmable robotthat’s full of personality!

Would you like to know about Marty?

Sequence of Learning

Marty supports learning progression from screen-free coding to block-based programming, and all the way to text-based real world coding language, Python

Perfect for primary

Apart from coding and STEM, Marty integrates perfectly into other areas of learning, such as numeracy, literacy and health and wellbeing - with dedicated lesson plans for those subjects

Ease of Use

Classroom-ready with simple Bluetooth pairing, extra batteries and a charging cradle. Marty has a 2-3 hour run time when charged, and is fully assembled, ready to go out of the box! 

Fun & Engaging

Marty is a humanoid robot with a *big* personality that creates an instant human connection

Standards Aligned

A true STEM class-in-a-box solution, Marty comes with lesson plans that align to the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence

Professional Development

1:1 training calls with our 
in-house experts included, so you can feel confident in using Marty straight out of the box


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Learning Progression with Marty the Robot

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