Opportunity to expand your school, TVET CETC to include remote students.


EduBoard has now proudly partnered with Classera to provide the ultimate blended Learner Management Solution (LMS) for your school, Technical, vocational training college or, Community Education and Training College in South Africa.

* Very important feature - Remote EXAM invigilation

Incredible intuitive funcionality with full MS team integration, this Learner Management sSolution from EduBoard has over 10 million user worldwide. It was designed to drive student engagement and inspire positive behavior. During these times of uncertainty in the Covid pandemic, converting your classroom to an online/ blended classroom has never been easier. Classera guarantees that even Grade 2's  will be able to use the Classera app and navigate the tools, whereas most other systems will be challenging even for technical specialists to figure out. Classera has 20 different roles for all user categories including Students, Guardians, Teachers, Section heads, Academic Supervisors, Student Advisors, Students’ Activities Supervisors, Accountants, School Principals, School Owners, Floor Supervisors, System Administrators, etc. 

Classera distinguishes itself in two main aspects. First, engagement, where Classera has capitalized on two main strategies: gamification and social network effect. Gamification helps to make the learning process more exciting and rewarding, while social network effect compliments the equation by adding the challenge aspect to engage students from all different regions. The second differentiator is Classera's take on personalized learning. At Classera, personalized learning environments are of top priority. Isn't it time we break the cycle for "mass" education? In Classera's platform, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the latest technologies are deployed to offer a real personalized learning based on students'

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What is an LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It's a software that runs and keeps track of all learners and teachers/staff in a school.

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Some of Classera's main features:

  • Classera score system- Gamification

  • Microsoft 365 integration

  • Classera digital library

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy Analysis

  • Exams Real-Time Monitoring System

  • Students Advisory and Behavior Management

  • Classera Inspire Program

  • Smart Statistical System

  • Learning Outcomes map

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Choose the LMS that suits your school and your Budget. Now students can be enrolled to attend your school from anywhere, strengthen your educational offering today.

For more information or to book a demo contact: