School and classroom designs should be suitable for modern teaching methods that prepare students for academic success, their desired careers and 21st century citizenship- And FlexiChairs can help do just that.


Why these chairs are best for modern engaging collaborative teaching spaces?


The desks have 6 wheels on the base to allow desks to be moved around in order to comply with the Covid social distancing regulations

Designated chairs

Each Flexichair can be assigned to one student to prevent sharing of desks and contact

Reduces item contact

There is a compartment underneath the chair for students to put their bags and other belongings to prevent contact with the floor or other students' items. There is a cup holder as well to prevent the spread on germs.

Easy to clean surfaces

Surfaces do not deteriorate due to sanitizer unlike other tables such as varnished wooden tables. The surface of the table also contains ions which help sanitize and kill off germs.


 Linx products have high flexibility so that the classrooms can be quickly transformed into desired designs for different classroom activities. Academic research shows that the duration of immobility is negatively correlated with learning performance and student concentration. Therefore it is accepted that the education activities involving interactive participation from students boost learning efficiency and help students maintain focus.


The design of the chair has allowed for common issues in the classroom to be solved. The large space underneath the chair can be used to store students bags to clear up space in the classroom. The movability of the work table allows easy use for both left and right handed students. The 6 wheels make for a sturdy foundation and for the chairs to easily be moved around. A cup holder is attached to the work space for convenience.

Easy Layouts

It's as easy as

Screenshot (34).png




A wide variety of colours to choose from