EduTouch LED interactive Display solutions for education

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EduTouch 65" 75" & 86" LED interactive touch panel for education.

​65" EduTouch Elite

75" EduTouch Elite

86" EduTouch Elite

65" EduTouch Elite Pro

75" EduTouch Elite Pro

86" EduTouch Elite Pro

Mozabook included with the Elite Pro package

The EduBoard EduTouch interactive LED touch panel is the perfect tool for every teacher, whether you are teaching in class or you are teaching remotely teaching has never been easier. Incredible integration with all your digital tools and platforms makes these a must-have that has been designed specifically for education. Utilizing software like mozaWeb from the interactive touch display, you can integrate ANY of your own resources, documents, PDF, textbooks and share them in class or remotely with students. The EduTouch makes it easy to teach with MS team, Google class, or your Classera LMS presenting, engaging and sharing immersive digital content has never been easier.
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The EduBoard for Education EduTouch LED interactive display panel is available in 65", 75" and 86" and includes all of the following:

  • Full EduBoard oktopus software pack, teacher perpetual license (no extra licensing fees) + 5 students in a class for tablet collaboration, quad games, student polling/ assessment. Plus full teacher and student access to blend learning portal of 10 000 lessons grades R to 10.

  • Software will convert old smart boards, Promethean, Snowflake lessons

  • Includes digital CAPS DBE workbooks for use on the IWB.

  • FOUNDATION phase bonus - free digital graded readers in all African languages (140 titles)

  • WiFi for accessing the internet through an access point and for tablet collaboration

  • Android operating system

  • Built-in media player (play any videos or load documents directly onto the panel for interactivity.)

  • Standard White boarding and interactive note  features and tools

  • Screen casting software included

  • Connect devices (connect smartphone and use like a visualiser/document camera)

  • Record lessons, save and share for later

  • Access any cloud applications like Google Drive directly from the smart touch panel

  • Built-in speakers and numerous ports

  • Add a VOIP kit for online lessons, collaboration, interviews, and more.  

  • Works in both an online and offline environment                                                                                                 


Demo anywhere anytime. Ask us about a remote demo, or visit our showroom. Bookings essential. Call us to setup a meeting/ demo/  appointment. (012) 880  0544

EduBoard EdTech Partners

Compatible with most operating systems

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Blend Interactive student tablet collabo
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Inspire your home/ classroom with a  4K Interactive touch panel engage with interactive 3D live on 4K resolution

Key Hardware Specifications and Features:

The ultra-thin and 

ultra-narrow design with front USB ports for PC and Android integration makes the EduTouch LED smart panel a unprecedented teaching tool. Giving you all the teaching power you'll ever need.

  • IR (Infrared Ray) touch technology.

  • Resistant to optical interference. Works perfectly under direct sunlight

  • Rapid response time with fluid all round annotation.

  • Smart operating system.

  • Touch menu - use the touch menu for universal settings on any input source.

  • Detachable Intel Core i5 PC module.

  • Built-in smart core and operating system.

  • One key energy saving mode for environmental protection.

  • Anti-glare & toughened glass with level 7 Mohs standard.

  • LED Panel - 30 000 hours lifetime.

  • Note 3 Android software.

  • Features 10 point writing and 20 point touch.

  • Built in 2 x 12W speakers.

  • HDMI, USB, VGA, RS232, LAN, display connectors.

  • Wall-mounted or mobile caster options.

  • Aspect ratio 16:9.

  • Display area 1428mm x 803mm.

  • Viewing angle of 178°.

Hardware  Specifications