EDUMAX-PRO interactive device

EduMax-Pro Interactive Touch Board

Convert your existing regular projectors into a fully

interactive whiteboard

The EduMax Pro system is a very popular interactive classroom solution. The system can easily convert existing data projectors and virtually any smooth, white surface or whiteboard into a fully interactive digital classroom. This allows the teacher full control of their computer and teaching software from the board, using the digital e-pen for navigating, writing and annotating.


The EduMax is designed to work online and offline, with or without student devices. Teachers can engage, interact and annotate over any application or browser. Professional interactive teaching software allows teachers the opportunity to build their own media-rich, engaging lessons and/or download and utilise thousands of pre-made lessons using the e-pen. A high quality speaker bar can also be installed for enhanced audio.

Interactive Touch Board

Revolutionise Your Classroom Experience

Once set up, your PC screen is projected onto the whiteboard, and you have full control of your teaching software and other applications using the e-pen which communicates with the computer through the interactive device’s intuitive signal receiver. A high quality speaker bar can also be installed for enhanced audio.

Key Features:

  • Extremely cost-effective, easy to use and fully customizable

  • The interactive device can pair with an existing data projector to convert regular whiteboards into interactive whiteboards

  • The system can remain portable or be mounted to the ceiling if a         permanent solution is required

  • No devices or cables attached to whiteboard/projection surface

  • Quick response time -  ideal for quick drawing and writing

  • Automatic real-time whiteboard recording

  • Works with all existing software programs and web browsers

  • E-Pro teaching software, supplied with the system, offers a wide range of immediately available tools and resources to take your lessons to new heights

Interactive Device

Used in conjunction with a data projector, the Interactive device brings a new level of flow and immersion to the classroom by converting your existing whiteboard or any flat, white surface into a fully interactive digital display. This is achieved with Optical Position Detection Technology,  which enables the device to detect infrared signals being sent from the e-pen. You can now deliver lively and engaging interactive lessons with the ability to draw, highlight and annotate in your preferred teaching software suite, as well as across other applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint or even your web browser.

Digital Annotation and Writing Tools

Pointing and writing tool to control and navigate your interactive whiteboard. The e-pen Stylus is the perfect workhorse for energetic annotating and drawing. 

Key Features

  • Supports interactivity on both hard and soft screens of any size up to 150”

  • No devices or cables attached to whiteboard/projection surface

  • Smooth drawing within 1 pixels jitter at 1024x768

  • Automatic real-time whiteboard recording 

  • Battery powered e-pen Stylus provides an intuitive and powerful annotating interface with up to 50 hours continuous use

  • Superior resistance to ambient lighting

  • Automatic calibration - 5 seconds

  • Up to 10 pens/users can be used simultaneously

  • Pressure sensitive pen tip - equivalent to left mouse button, hold down for right mouse button.

  • 1 control button - supports left & right mouse functions, hold  down for right mouse button.

  • Battery operated, provided up to 50 hours of continuous use.

EduMax-Pro Interactive Whiteboard Brochure: