EduBoard is a South African brand of interactive whiteboard solutions which have been designed, developed and improved over the past 10 years. This has been achieved through partnerships with world class international educational brands as well as extensive research and development with local manufacturing wherever possible.

About EduBoard

Hundreds of schools across Southern Africa use EduBoard as their preferred choice of interactive whiteboard technology. Our interactive whiteboards are available in numerous sizes and configurations. These EduTouch LED smart board panels  - include finger touch, EduMax Pro infra-red with stylus pens and EduBox fully portable options. In addition, EduBoard offers powerful educational software ecosystems to support an offline and online environment.

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"Accommodate Any School's Needs"

Our range of Interactive whiteboard solutions are designed to accommodate any schools needs. They are modular, scalable and offer software and resources that will excite any teacher and their students. These can include options such as access to our Oktopus Blend portal with 10 000 premier prepared lessons, powerful lesson creation software, student device collaboration and integration, offline solutions and classroom mobile device management. All of this is achieved by a forward-thinking philosophy of constant improvement. We are confident that we can offer individual schools and education departments, solutions which are dynamic, creative, cost-effective and future proofed.

"Technology Holds The Key"

Blend Interactive student tablet collabo
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We believe that our technology holds the key to helping shape many young lives into 21st century knowledge seekers by developing solutions that bring a portal to the world, directly into the classroom. (We turn old chalkboards into fully functional interactive whiteboards). This, coupled with engaging training sessions from our motivated and passionate training division, as well as quality installations and maintenance from our highly experienced technical teams, we have all your needs covered – and all done with a smile! 😊.