Data Projectors from EduBoard

Why consider a Data Projector from EduBoard?

Just ask any school what they expect from a classroom data projector:

“We need a good quality, bright data projector that is cost effective and will save us money in the long run. We need a supplier that really cares and is always there to help us.” 

This is exactly what we offer you when you buy data projectors from us. At EduBoard everyone is passionate and committed to making a positive long term contribution to the quality of education in South Africa. We do this by supporting teachers with quality technology tools and offering excellent after sales service and advice. 

Our data projectors are very well suited to the often demanding classroom environment where they are used for many hours every day. The operational costs on these projectors are 30% to 40% less than the average projector, this is largely due to the following features. 

  • Our classroom data projectors have bright lamps which last for up to 10 000 hours on the education cycle mode which can save on the cost of replacing a lamp.

  • These projectors also utilise the latest eco-green technology, which means they use less electricity, save money and the environment.

EduBoard has supplied and serviced hundreds of schools around South Africa, so no matter where you are, we will do our best to support you. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and let’s talk about what your need.


For those who need technical information and specifications please see some of the content below. If you can’t find exacatly what you are looking for, please call or e-mail us and we will do our very best to find it for you.




Eduboard Projectors

EDU-S320 Data Projector

  • Perfect for classrooms

  • Excellent SVGA quality

  • Full 3D and HDMI input (NO additional hardware)

  • Bright Lamp 3500 Lumen

  • Exceptional lamp life up to 10 000 hrs (education cycle)

  • 2 year carry in warranty

  • 6 month/ 500 hour bulb warranty

  • Contrast 20000:1 pin sharp

  • Optical zoom

  • Remote control, carry-bag

  • Optional extra wireless 

EDU-X320 Data Projector

  • FULL 3D and HDMI input

  • Excellent XGA quality

  • Bright lamp 3300 Lumen

  • Wide screen compatible (16:9)

  • 2 year carry in warranty

  • Lamp up to 10 000 Hours on education cycle

  • 1 year/ 500 hour bulb warranty

  • Contrast 15000:1 pin sharp

  • Optical zoom

  • Carry-bag

  • Remote control

  • Audio 2W speaker

  • Colour Guarantee 5 years

  • Security bar, lock port, password

EDU-W340 Data Projector

Needing a projected area of 120 cm by 200cm for your classroom, then this WXGA data projector with its 3600 ANSI bulb and eco features is an excellent choice.